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Artículos en revistas científicas internacionales

Karen Bell, Rossi Taboada Hermoza, Chad Staddon, Bram Willems, Fabiola Cárdenas Maldonado, Noemí Tomaylla Berrocal, Lisbeth Pariona Flores, The fences of Chuschi: The impacts of land enclosure on an Andean indigenous community, Journal of Rural Studies, Volume 97, 2023, Pages 224-234, ISSN 0743-0167,​

Everard, M., Loayza-Muro, R, Bunclark, L., & Taboada, R. (2020): Comparative analysis of hybridized solutions to water resources management in Burkina Faso, India and Peru. International Journal of Water Resources Development, DOI: 10.1080/07900627.2020.1712192

Aguilar-Lome, J., Espinoza-Villar, R., Espinoza, J.C., Rojas-Acuña, J., Willems, B., & Leyva-Molina, W.M. (2019). Elevation-dependent warming of land surface temperature in the Andes assessed using MODIS LST series (2000-2017). International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 77, 119-128 (2019)

T. Mitchell Aide, T.M., Grau, H.R., Graesser, J., Andrade‐Nuñez, M.J., Aráoz, E., Barros, A.P., Campos‐Cerqueira, M., Chacon‐Moreno, E., Cuesta, F., Espinoza, R., Peralvo, M., Polk, M.H., Rueda, X., Sanchez, A., Young, K.R., Zarbá, L., & Zimmerer, K.S. (2019). Woody vegetation dynamics in the tropical and subtropical Andes from 2001 to 2014: Satellite image interpretation and expert validation. Global Change Biology, 25, 2112–2126

Grande, J.A., Loayza-Muro, R., Alonso-Chaves, F.M., Fortes, J.C., Willems, B., Sarmiento, A.M., Santisteban, M., Dávila, J.M., de la Torre, M.L., Duraes, N., Diaz-Curiel, J., & Luís, A.T. (2019). The Negro River (Ancash-Peru): A unique case of water pollution, three environmental scenarios and an unresolved issue. Science of the Total Environment 648, 398-407

Albrecht, T.R., Varady, R.G., Zuniga-Teran, A.A., Gerlak, A.K., De Grenade, R., Lutz-Ley, A., Martín, F., Megdal, S.B., Meza, F., Ocampo Melgar, D., Pineda, N., Rojas, F., Taboada, R., & Willems, B. (2018). Unraveling Transboundary Water Security in the Arid Americas. Water International 43:8, 1075-1113

de Grenade, R., Rudow, J., Taboada Hermoza, R., Adauto Aguirre, M. E., Scott, C. A., Willems, B., Schultz, J., & Varady, R. G. (2017). Anticipatory capacity in response to global change across an extreme elevation gradient in the Ica Basin, Peru. Regional Environmental Change, 17(3), 789-802

Lemos, M.C., Navarette, D.M., Wilder, M., Varady, R.G., Willems, B., Díaz-Cervantes, R., and Merideth, R. (2016). Advances in metrics: Models for understanding adaptive capacity and water security. Environmental Change Assessment - Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability (COSUST), 21, 52-57

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